Mobile Home Project .

Group Exhibition

Songwon Art Center / WB Corner Gallery, Seoul (South Korea)


Ha Cha Youn, 'Mobile Home Project', Exposition collective, 2014

The "Mobile Home" project aims to explore spaces created through migration and movement within the realms of art and life. It seeks to research contemporary significance and future prospects of these spaces. Fundamentally, the project involves investigating fluid and temporary spaces that artists and architects have explored in the past. The goal is to raise questions about the societal and cultural phenomena underlying these experimental spaces.

Twenty teams of artists and architects from Korea, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, France, Italy, Japan, China, the United States, Spain, and Austria will introduce experimental cases and alternative models of mobile homes based on diverse social and physical contexts. The project seeks to provide insights into the dynamic and temporary nature of spaces shaped by migration and movement.

Artists : Antti Laitinen, Architecture Global Aid, ha cha youn, Floating Lab Collective, Hwasoo Yoo, Ingyo Jung, Karl Philips, Kyuchul Ahn, Marisa Gonzalez, Mary Mattingly, Michael Strasser, Mokyon Yoo, MOTOElastico + Stéphane Maupin, N55, People’s Architecture Office, SABA, SoA (Society of Architecture), Tammy Kim, WISE Architecture, Woonyung JA.

(Source: Songwon Art Center)


Curator: Somi Sim

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Sonwon art Center


Mobile Home Project (Movingbooks, Seoul, 2015), texts from Somi Sim and Katarzyna Cytlak. See online [en/kr].

Ha Cha Youn, 'Mobile Home Project', Exposition collective, 2014

Showcased videos: Sweet Home 2, Bassin des récollets.