Home(s) Project .

Solo exhibition

Lescer Art Center, Zalesie Gorne / Korean Cultural Center, Warsaw (Poland)


Ha Cha Youn, 'Home(s) Project', Exposition personnelle, 2019

The Lescer Art Center premieres the artist's latest video work Return Home, made in French Brittany, dedicated to refugees who died while trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea. Here plastic bags symbolize the remains that finally can rest. Ha Cha Youn speaks also of herself as an immigrant: she comes from Korea, but has lived in Europe for many years, and tries to balance work in both places.

(Extract from press release.)

"When I received the invitation from the Lescer Art Center for a solo exhibition, I had to conduct a minimal research on contemporary Polish history. After decision of the Brexit in the UK, many Polish immigrant workers returned to their home country. The cultural gap between their experiences abroad and their local environment became noticeable, and the economic level also played a significant role in marking these differences. At the same time, the migration across the Mediterranean continues, with tragic events of shipwrecks persisting.

My situation as an immigrant and emigrant has also become an unavoidable concern. The exhibition is designed as a kind of statement about my experiences in various places such as Germany, France, Korea, and even during a brief passage in Poland, through video works, photos, and installations. The exhibition space takes on a residential character, specifically designed for cohabiting with my works throughout the exhibition."

(Ha Cha Youn)


Curators: Ewa Sulek, Pawel Zareba

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Ha Cha Youn, 'Home(s) Project', Exposition personnelle, 2019

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