Nestling – Jjockbang .

Solo exhibition

Corner Art Space, Seoul (South Korea)


Ha Cha Youn, 'Nestling – Jjockbang', Exposition personnelle, 2013

A 13m² room located in the showcase of Gangnam district in Seoul has been divided into four parts: three individual spaces of approximately 3m² each and a communal area created using plywood boards. Each part replicates the modest dimensions of a "Jjockbang" (shared room) from precarious housing that has existed since the Korean War, designed to accommodate individuals fleeing conflicts.

In these sections, Ha Cha Youn presents works produced during the preparatory period for the exhibition: Yeongdeungpo, Nestling, Winter pots, and the only video self-performance Sweet-Home created in 2004 in a Parisian subway station, offering insight into Ha Cha Youn's life outside of Korea.

Over the past decade, Ha Cha Youn has focused on the lives of people in precarious situations in the context of housing and various movements, as evidenced by his series "Sweet Home."


Curator: Yang Ji Yoon


Hyun Ji Yeon, "A space for contemplation and agreement on as residential models. Nestling: Jjockbang Project – Ha Cha Youn Solo Exhibition", in Contemporary Art Journal, vol.15, Seoul [kr/en].

Ha Cha Youn, 'Nestling – Jjockbang', Exposition personnelle, 2013