Sweet Home .

Solo exhibition

Kunstverrein Grafschaft-Bentheim, Neuenhaus (Germany)


Ha Cha Youn, 'Sweet Home', Exposition personnelle, 2011
Ha Cha Youn, 'Sweet Home', Exposition personnelle, 2011

The "Sweet Home" exhibition echoes the "Projet Sweet Home 4" exhibition held in 2009 in Poitiers, which themes were exile, migration, and uprooting.

The specific reception of a work can be observed by an artist when it is placed in a different context. The installation Container designed in the exhibition hall required visits to residents. Encounters took place, underground journeys in cellars were undertaken, and luggage laden with memories fleeing from WWII was borrowed. A collective memory has been created through these objects.

The projection room of Sweet Home 4 becomes a scene of unbearable destruction for some. Meanwhile, on a small television screen, a video self-performance entitled Reis pflanzen shows the action of planting rice in newspaper on a concrete floor, carried out in 1988 during Ha Cha Youn's first stay in Germany in Braunschweig.


Curator: Gudrun Thiessen-Schneider

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Kunstverrein Grafschaft-Bentheim


Ha Cha Youn – Sweet Home, Gudrun Thiessen-Schneider, Raimar Stange (Épospress, Zwolle, 2011).

Ha Cha Youn, 'Sweet Home', Exposition personnelle, 2011

Showcased videos: Sweet Home 4, Reis pflanzen, Bassin des récollets.