Localization .

Group Exhibition

Pool Art Space, Seoul (South Korea)


Ha Cha Youn, 'Localization', Exposition collective, 2013

Video projection in parallel with KIM Kyung-Ho's exhibition "Magic Bullet Broadcasting" and a conversation with the artist, as part of "E.T. Lab – Running on Borders: Inter-cultural Negotiation and Adventures of Thinking", a series of conferences by 15 contributors from different fields between July and August 2013.

Artists: Kim Kyung-Ho, Ha Cha Youn.

Ha Cha Youn’s viewpoint is understanding “migration” as continual short-term settlements. The artist observes the series of localizing process which requires getting accustomed to the lifestyle, system of thinking of whichever place these short-term sojourn takes place. She looks at its political aspect, full of struggle, since humans cannot avoid the localizing process of having to make relationships by putting oneself inside a frame within a certain border, for one’s survival even though they are moving around. From this aspect, the artist expresses that settlement and migration are simply transformed forms of human existence and there is no reciprocal binary oppositional counteractive relation formed. Rather, the flexibility of thinking which does not settle down to fixation is more important that the physical migration or moving, according to the artist.


Curator/moderator : Kim Heejin

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Showcased videos: Sweet Home 4, Stone-Play, En couleur – Farbprobe.