FUTURAE – L’artiste questionne le monde .

Group Exhibition

ST ART 2021, Strasbourg (France)


Ha Cha Youn, 'FUTURAE – L’artiste questionne le monde', Exposition collective, 2021

Six artists from four continents are invited for this exhibition during the Strasbourg Art Fair ST ART 2021 (Strasbourg, France). The invited artists focus on environmental issues, a crucial topic after the recent period of lockdown and the alarming state of our planet in the era of globalization.

Artists : Vaughn Bell, Jérémy Cobé, Ha Cha Youn, Clay Apenouvon, Luc Lapayre, Ryo Tomo.

(Source: Press release).

A large cube is constructed to showcase the works of Ha Cha Youn; an inverted white cube reminiscent of museums. The exterior walls of this cube are filled with frames containing plastic bags from a series called À deux consisting of 80 pieces in total (60 pieces for the exhibition). This series was created in 2020 during the global lockdown, reflecting the moment of isolation and also prompting self-reflection.


Curator: Patricia Houg

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Also presenting video Balade de Carola.