Balade dans Paris .

Solo exhibition

Espace Icare, Issy-Les-Moulineaux (France)

09 – 10.2006

Ha Cha Youn, 'Balade dans Paris', Exposition personnelle, 2006

Solo exhibition in the context of "Mois de la Corée" festival, for the 120th anniversary of french-korean diplomatic relationships.

"She walks, she walks no doubt on tiptoes, in ordinary noises, in the habit of being, in the lack of emotion of this huge human machine that is the big city.

She looks at those who walk, bodies moving in this scenery of asphalt, stone, iron and glass. Maybe the woman look is more acute there, more attentive, because something grabs attention: 'she sees' fragile bodies showing haste, imminent happiness, laughter, pleasure, or betraying tiredness, weariness, boredom, day-after-tomorrow death, poverty also. She saw them, she takes them in her gaze as you gather shopping goods at the market – and there is plenty of markets in Paris."

(Extract of the presentation text by Bruno Mathon)


Presentation: Bruno Mathon

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Ha Cha Youn, 'Balade dans Paris', Exposition personnelle, 2006

Showcased videos: Balade dans Paris, Sweet Home, Sweet Home 2.